Where the wild heather and rugged moors meet the tamed green sheep fields – this is where Urban Rustic Nomad founder and owner Karin lives and has her studio.

Inspiration comes from the surrounding countryside and valley that hugs this corner of the southern Pennines in Yorkshire, England.

Artist, photographer, writer and free-spirit creative – global influences are strong, with roots in South Africa, and in many fulfilling years spent travelling around the world for soul food and wanderlust, as well as for work.

After a long time spent in television and print media, retail and creative industries, brands and marketing, Karin is spending a whole lot more time in her seventeenth century weaver’s cottage studio on the edge of the moors overlooking the valley and playing with paint, camera and computer, embracing creative time.



All things art, photography, and interior design creates an inspired way of life, imbued with the Japanese tradition of wabi sabi, finding beauty and peace in simple things, with modest living and authentic beauty in imperfection. This is reflected in the style of home décor that is produced for Urban Rustic Nomad, and can be found in our etsy shop.



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